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BardyConsult is dedicated to educating young entrepreneurs and thus support the formation, growth and success of small business. Dr. Bardy's longtime experience  -  in a large business -  has nevertheless proven to be a valuable input. Quoting Lee Iacocca (from "Talking Straight", 1988): "What makes us think that a fifty-something old does not have twenty more good years left in him - or thirty? .. The Oriental mind says, the longer you live, the smarter you get ... Many of the people who run Japan are in their seventies or eighties. The´ve lived long enough and gotten wise enough at least to protect young people from self-destruction. Nothing is new to them; they´ve seen it come an go".  


Dr. Bardy's Lectures

Here you find some documents for download.

ABC_for_EIASM_Dec2002 (doc ca. 147 kb)

AUSTRIA_in_WWII (doc ca. 57 kb)

Accounting_in_Networks_ (doc ca. 110 kb)

Aufsatz_WEKA_Controlling_und_Supply_Chain_Mgmt (pdf ca. 433 kb)

Aufsatz_WEKA_Controlling_von_Dienstleistungen_ (pdf ca. 608 kb)

Aufsatz_WEKA_WiEthik_und_Controlling (pdf ca. 637 kb)

Aufsatz_für_Drucker_Forum_Wien_2009 (doc ca. 92 kb)

BSC_Fall_Automation_Systems (ppt ca. 648 kb)

BardyToulouseAbstract (doc ca. 26 kb)

BetrWert (doc ca. 112 kb)

Business_Ethics (doc ca. 94 kb)

Comparative_Supply_Chain_Performance (pdf ca. 265 kb)

Comparative_Supply_Chain_Performance_ (pdf ca. 265 kb)

ContrSCh (doc ca. 4824 kb)

Controlling_in_neuen_Organisationen (pdf ca. 489 kb)

Controlling_von_Nachhaltigkeitsprojekten (pdf ca. 1993 kb)

Controlling_von_Nachhaltigkeitsprojekten_ (pdf ca. 1993 kb)

ContrundManag (doc ca. 427 kb)

CtrAsien (doc ca. 153 kb)

Distributed_Decision-Making_in_Cross-Border_Networks (doc ca. 185 kb)

(pdf ca. 1308 kb)

Drucker_Forum_Wien_2009_ (pdf ca. 3750 kb)

Einkauf_Basel_II_ (ppt ca. 382 kb)

FDI_and_Ethics (pdf ca. 423 kb)

IRIE_Information_Ethics (pdf ca. 284 kb)

Indigenous_Wisdom (pdf ca. 541 kb)

Information_Ethics (pdf ca. 83 kb)

Lead_Book_flyer (docx ca. 478 kb)

Leadership: A transatlant (doc ca. 68 kb)

Managing in NPOs (doc ca. 95 kb)

OTSC_EVA_expanded (pdf ca. 1018 kb)

OTSC_FDI_and_Social_Order_ (pdf ca. 1274 kb)

Output_Based_Budgeting (doc ca. 27 kb)

Peter_F (pdf ca. 1308 kb)

Planung_der_betrieblichen_Funktionen (doc ca. 579 kb)

PrContLong01 (doc ca. 324 kb)

Public_Goods_WJEMD_2016 (pdf ca. 198 kb)

QRAM_SENT-9th_March_Bardy (doc ca. 119 kb)


Romanian_Controller_Club%3A_C_in_E (ppt ca. 155 kb)

Romanian_Controller_Club%3A_StrPl (ppt ca. 382 kb)

Seminar_BalScCd_SC (ppt ca. 1899 kb)

Shifting_the_Paradigm_of_ROI (pdf ca. 105 kb)

StandardKR (doc ca. 170 kb)

StrategPlanung_auf_Geschaeftsfeldebene (doc ca. 325 kb)

Strategisches_Controlling_der_Beschaffung (pdf ca. 216 kb)

Strategisches_Controlling_der_Personalführung_ (pdf ca. 434 kb)

Systemic_Dimension_of_FDI (pdf ca. 724 kb)

Sytem_Perspective_on_SDG_Indicators (pdf ca. 662 kb)


Transatlantic_Divide (pdf ca. 423 kb)

Veroeffentlichungen (doc ca. 28 kb)

WEKA_Aufsatz_Business_Planning (doc ca. 304 kb)

WEKA_Aufsatz_Contr_und_QM (pdf ca. 458 kb)

WEKA_Aufsatz_Methodik_des_betr_RW (doc ca. 439 kb)

WEKA_Aufsatz_Strateg__Contr__Beschaffung (pdf ca. 216 kb)

WEKA_Aufsatz_System_und_Ablauf_betr_Plg (doc ca. 857 kb)

Zielsystem_des_betrieblichen_RW (doc ca. 155 kb)